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Kara Zebrowski - Wellness coaching, courses and classes for women in midllife and beyond


In addition to being an entrepreneur and wellness coach, I am a certified yoga instructor & personal trainer. I also affectionately refer to myself as a "professional encourager". My passion and focus in my business are to share with women the tools they need to live healthier, happier, and more productive lives. 


In my spare time, I love to travel with my hubby, spend time with my daughter and my grandkids, go on fun adventures around our city with my girlfriends, country line dance, eat delicious nutritious food and drink wine.


If you would like to learn a bit more about how life brought me to this place, check out "My Story" below.


Kara Zebrowski

I started life out in a small no-stop light town in rural East Texas. A shout out to all the other a small-town gals! Small town living comes with its pluses and minuses, but overall I look back fondly on that time of my life. After my father’s job transfer after my 8th grade year I lived in Pasadena, CA, Longmont, CO, Orange County, CA and I now reside with my family in Colorado Springs, a place that I’ve really grown to love. The fresh mountain air, beautiful mountains and the changing seasons definitely suit me.


My first career was as a Travel & Meeting Planner for over 27 years. I absolutely loved it! Being a people person, a customer service industry is right up my alley, and it allowed my family the opportunity to travel quite a bit. When the internet took my industry down, I was faced with having to reinvent myself. This was certainly not in my plan. However, it is what lead me into the wellness industry in 2000.


Just as I am sure with you, during my life I have suffered through several setbacks and challenges, depression being one of them. For those of you out there that have also suffered from anxiety or depression, I understand that it is not just something you snap out of. I’ve done the hard work to pull myself out of the darkness. Additionally, I’ve struggled through dealing with my husband being unemployed for long stretches at a time, which forced me to work on surrender, letting go, and trust.


These challenges and many others coupled with my years in the fitness business where I've worked with hundreds of women, have resulted in me developing a system where I’ve been able to assist women just like you improve their health mentally, physically, and spiritually. I have spent the last 12 years practicing Wholehearted Living, which has resulted in me becoming a stronger, more confident, boundary-holding woman.


If you are still reading this, I am guessing you may be in midlife as well. I grew up under the same societal and cultural teachings as you did, that a woman’s needs were less important than most others in her life. I have personally experienced and observed the incredible toll that that has taken on myself and most women that now find themselves in these midlife years and beyond. I have shed these limiting beliefs and I can help you do the same.


Are you ready to find more clarity, passion, purpose, and freedom in your life? I know you have the power and I want you to know the time is now!

Not tomorrow, not next week, but – NOW!


Don’t put your life on hold any longer. You deserve good health, more joy, happiness, and fulfillment!


There is a myriad of ways I can help. I offer classes, workshops, retreats, and special events to support you in moving positively forward in your life. Peruse my website and if you would like to ask questions and learn more, book a call!

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