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Join my signature coaching course


The 5-month online coaching course is designed using the Mindset Trifecta™ of meditation, journaling and yoga to help midlife women who are perhaps unsure about their life’s direction during this phase of their life or women who are lacking motivation and want to feel happier and more fulfilled. 

Using the work of Brene Brown, I'll provide you with all the tools needed to set you up for success.

Revive & Thrive

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Yoga for Midlife & Beyond

A Beginners Course

After teaching my Beginning Yoga Workshop in studios for years and experiencing the positive impact it has made in so many of my clients lives I've dreamt of making an even bigger impact.


I am now so excited to share this very impactful and valuable practice online with woman around the world.

Whether you are completely new to yoga or looking to refresh the basics, this workshop is just what you need. 

Over the years, a constant that comes up over and over again with my clients are sleep issues. It seems that when we hit midlife it is almost a given that we are going to at some point suffer from insomnia. 

If you are ready to fix your sleep issues once and for all, it is time to get started!

 Sleep Well in

Midlife & Beyond 

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Healthy Eating

For Life

Have you been carrying around extra weight for longer than you would like to admit. Or, maybe COVID hit and it sent your life completely off kilter, resulting in extra eating, extra drinking and therefore some extra pounds.

If a healthy weight is a struggle for you it is time to ditch yo-yo and fad diets and embrace "Healthy Eating For Life".


As a certified personal trainer I have been providing nutritional guidance to my clients for over 20 years. I quickly came to realize that a high majority of people do not have a good understanding about exactly how they should be eating.

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