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My signature coaching course

Revive & Thrive

Are you a woman in midlife that can relate to any the following?

health and wellness coaching for women, yoga classes, small group personal training, yoga retreats and events, wellness for midlife women

you are near or past empty nesting and feeling unsure about who you are now and  what you want to do with this phase of your life

possibly feeling overwhelmed much of the time and may be lacking motivation

desiring to declutter your life physically and mentally to reduce stress and free up mental and emotional space

ready to take control of your life and prioritize your needs physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

eager to live a more fulfilled life enjoying doing the things that fill you with more joy, meaning, and purpose

And ready to change but you just don't know how

If so, I HEAR YOU and I SEE YOU!

I have been working with woman for over 20 years helping them prioritize their health from a whole wellness approach, which includes your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


In the Revive & Thrive Program I will be there to guide you in a journey of self-discovery with my tried and tested wholehearted living process. This will be done in a step-by-step approach that is not only going to make it doable, but FUN!


You got comfortable setting boundaries and were able to let go of people pleasing allowing you to be excited about your yes's and confident in your no's

You put away self-doubt, self-sabotage, and unworthiness and began to embrace your unique and beautiful self.  Becoming a woman that recognizes, accepts, and loves yourself for exactly who you are and being proud to show up in life self-confidently and authentically.

You started using your voice more, no longer afraid to express your opinions or ideas. Truly beleiving that you matter! Your voice, opinions, thoughts, hopes and dreams matter! truly living in the fullness of who you are

You could kick up your motivation, get out of the feelings of being stuck and overwhelmed and were able to find new enthusiasm to reach your goals 

You finally made your own health a priority and made the necessary changes that would give you more energy and stamina to do more of the things that you love

You allowed yourself to dream and set some new goals to become a happier, more fulfilled and passionate woman

What can you expect out of this course and this experience?

Helping you get to that place is exactly what the 5 month coaching course "Revive & Thrive Program" is all about. The course material is grounded in the principles of yoga. These principles, when put into practice are truly life changing. By first examining your current habits and patterns you will start to become clear on what is holding you back. Once the awareness is there my program will help you get very clear on what your core values are and very connected as to why you wish to make your desired changes.

Through our time together you will use the Mindset Trifecta ™ of meditation, journaling and yoga to help you remain calm and less stressed through the process. Additionally we will be using the work of Brene Brown to provide you with further tools to support you on this transformational journey.

Change can’t happen without a willingness and a proper mindset. Therefore, you will work on being more present in your life, trusting your inner wisdom, quieting your inner critic, and living life with more gratitude and joy. You will take a look at the thoughts, habits, and patterns that aren’t serving you and learn how to mentally declutter and flip your inner script to set you up for success.

We will come together each week for a group coaching call (unless you chose the 1:1 experience). On those calls we will share wins and aha's. Discussion will focus on the topic(s) for the week and how you can implement and apply them to your life to affect positive change. I will be there every step of the way to hold you accountable, be a sounding board, and be your biggest encourager. Additionally there will be a few private sessions sprinkled through out the course so can receive individual support and world class attention.

If everything in you is screaming HELL YES - I AM IN, click below to reserve your spot. You can choose between the small group experience or if you prefer more individualized and customized approach please purchase the 1:1 option. If this sounds intriguing but you still aren't quite sure if this is a good fit for you please book a consult call, where I can answer any questions you may have.

Are you ready to REVIVE & THRIVE?



revive & Thrive client

Kara covers so much that women need to understand about themselves and does so with obvious knowledge, experience, non-judgement and caring.


There were many "issues" I felt I needed to address before starting with Kara. This course did so in a logical and supportive manner. It's like I had a lot of this information before but never saw how it all connected. The program connected the dots and helped me understand that I could make my life better and love myself as everyone deserves to do.


There is no way to put into words all that I feel about Kara. She is one of the most amazing women I have ever met, and she has always made me feel as if I matter. She provides such good support and advice with positivity and hope.

Yoga Child's Pose

After teaching my Beginning Yoga Workshop in-studio for years and experiencing the positive impact it has made in so many of my clients lives I've dreamt of making an even bigger impact. I am so excited to now be able to share this very impactful and valuable experience to woman around the world. 

Begin your yoga journey here by building a solid foundation of pose alignment, proper breathing techniques, the value of meditation, and the incredible value of the yoga principles all without the intimidation of being a newbie at a gym or a crowded yoga studio.


You can choose to learn by completing the video series only, or you can boost your knowledge and confidence by upgrading to packages that include both private online Zoom sessions as well as small group yoga classes. This allows for a safe and comfortable learning progression.

After completing this work-at-your-own-pace course you should feel comfortable continuing on in my online group classes or being able to confidently transition into yoga classes at your local gym or studio.


basic package

$149.00 video series only **

show me more package

$329.00 Video series + 3 private online sessions (1 HR), 3 online small group yoga classes **

I'm all in package

$499.00 video series + 6 private online sessions (1 HR), 8 online small group yoga classes **

Beginning Yoga

Beginning Yoga Workshop, yoga for women, yoga in midlife, yoga classes, beginning yoga

Fix Your Sleep

Over the years, a constant that comes up over and over again with my clients is sleep issues. It seems that when we hit midlife it is almost a given that we are going to at some point suffer from insomnia. 

I personally suffered for 16 1/2 years and tried every solution imaginable to fix the problem. After finally finding a solution over 3 years ago, I new that I had to make this a part of my program for women in the midlife years and beyond.  So I am honored to be able offer this course in conjunction with Dr. Robert Glidewell of the Insomnia Clinic for my valued clients.

Please take a few minutes to listen to this video from a webinar that I did that talks about midlife sleep issues for women. It includes the story of my sleep journey.

If you are ready to fix your sleep issues once and for all it is time to get started!

Part 1: Woman's Guide to Natural Sleep: Understanding and Claiming Healthy Sleep at Any Age

In the Woman's Guide to Natural Sleep, he will help you understand the unique ways in which being a woman contributes to the challenges of getting a good night's sleep. You will learn how women's sleep is different from men's, how sleep works, how much sleep you need, and exactly why sleep is important. You will also learn about the unique aspects of sleep throughout the stages of women's lives from menstruation through motherhood and into menopause.

Part 2: CBT-I Sleep Training and Coaching

If you are currently taking sleep medication or you're still holding out hoping to find a natural solution, this program is for you. In this section, you will begin to retrain your body and your brain how to sleep. You will go through a 1/2 day Sleep Training workshop developed by Dr. Robert Glidewell, to teach the principles and techniques of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia or CBT-I. These are the most well-research techniques recommended by the American College of Physicians as the first-line treatment for insomnia. You will work with a personal sleep coach to guide you through this process.

     1 30-minute kickstart with Kara

     3 30-minute sessions with a sleep coach of          the Insomnia clinic to aid you in successfully        fixing your sleep

     2 30-minute follow up calls with Kara to             give support and encourage you in your 

     new habits 


It is highly suggested that before you consider taking this course that you have ruled out any physical issues that may be causing your insomnia.

Part one is work at your own pace

Part two includes coaching        


Meet your coach for the program

sleep issues for midlife women, fix your sleep problems, cure insomnia, sleep coach, improve your sleep


Dr. Okun has over 20 years of experience researching, studying, and teaching the importance of healthy sleep. She received her doctoral degree in Health and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Colorado Denver in 2005. She then moved to Pittsburgh, PA, for a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship and joined the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Psychiatry in 2008.

In 2014, Dr. Okun returned to Colorado to continue her research on sleep and pregnancy and to join the faculty of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs as the Director of Clinical and Biobehavioral Research.

Dr. Okun has authored or co-authored over four dozen scientific articles and book chapters.

Michele Okun, PhD


meet the founder

treatment for sleep issues, sleep dr, how can I fix my sleep problems, sleep issues for midlife women

Robert N. Glidewell, PsyD


Robert N. Glidewell, PsyD, CBSM, is a licensed clinical psychologist and one of less than 200 psychologists world-wide to be awarded certification in Behavioral Sleep Medicine by the American Board of Sleep Medicine.

He has extensive advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, including a mini fellowship at the Duke University insomnia and sleep research program. With 10 years of experience in the field of behavioral sleep medicine, he has evaluated and treated thousands of individuals with chronic and complex insomnia, dependence on sleeping pills, fatigue, excessive daytime sleepiness, and a range of other sleep and associated problems.

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$449.00 Video series + 4 private online sessions (30 MIN EA)

$749.00 video series + 8 private online sessions (30 MIN EA) 

** The women that experience the highest degree of weightloss as a result of this course are the ones that purchased packages with private sessions.

basic package

$199.00 video series only

show me more package

I'm all in package

Today is the Day to Start Putting
Your Health First!

Absolutely nothing is more important that your physical health, as without it there is so much of life that you can't enjoy. I invite you into a new story and a new attitude.

You deserve to be healthy and energetic in what can be the best years of your life - midlife, and beyond.

Healthy Eating for Life

Invest in your health!

Have you been carrying around extra weight for longer than you would like to admit. Or, maybe COVID hit and it sent your life completely off kilter, resulting in extra eating, extra drinking and therefore some extra pounds.

If a healthy weight is a struggle for you it is time to ditch yo-yo and fad diets and embrace "Healthy Eating For Life".


As a certified personal trainer I have been providing nutritional guidance to my clients for over 20 years. I quickly came to realize that a high majority of people do not have a good understanding about exactly how they should be eating.

This 8 week course covers topics such as:








how to food chart & why it is important

kicking self sabotage to the curb

understanding macros and why they are important (carbs, fats, & proteins)

how to create your own healthy meal plans (also included is a 7-week seasonal detailed meal plan)

conquering food triggers & emotional eating

how to lighten your favorite recipes

practicing mindfulness and mindful eating

And much more!

contact me              e:              P: 719-286-9177

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