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$449.00 Video series + 4 private online sessions (30 MIN EA)

$749.00 video series + 8 private online sessions (30 MIN EA) 

** The women that experience the highest degree of weightloss as a result of this course are the ones that purchased packages with private sessions.

basic package

$199.00 video series only

show me more package

I'm all in package

Today is the Day to Start Putting
Your Health First!

Absolutely nothing is more important that your physical health, as without it there is so much of life that you can't enjoy. I invite you into a new story and a new attitude.

You deserve to be healthy and energetic in what can be the best years of your life - midlife, and beyond.

Healthy Eating & Exercise for Life

Invest in your health!

Have you been carrying around extra weight for longer than you would like to admit? Or, maybe COVID hit and it sent your life completely off kilter, resulting in extra eating, extra drinking, and therefore some extra pounds.

If a healthy weight is a struggle for you it is time to ditch yo-yo and fad diets and embrace "Healthy Eating & Exercise For Life".


As a certified personal trainer I have been providing nutritional and exercise guidance to my clients for over 23 years. I quickly came to realize that a high majority of people do not have a good understanding of exactly how they should be eating.

This 8-week course covers topics such as:








how to food chart & why it is important

kicking self sabotage to the curb

understanding macros and why they are important (carbs, fats, & proteins)

how to create your own healthy meal plans (also included is a 7-week seasonal detailed meal plan)

conquering food triggers & emotional eating

how to lighten your favorite recipes

practicing mindfulness and mindful eating

Doable exercise solutions along with accountability

And much more!

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