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Ladies Night Out
Yoga - Wine - Chocolate - Laughter

COVID put the kibosh on this extremely popular event. I plan on re-introducing it in spring of 2022. Let's combine some things we all love - yoga, wine, chocolate and pj's. This will be a great opportunity to get out with your friends or make some new ones and enjoy a nice stretchy practice and then mingle afterwards, while enjoying some wine and chocolate goodies.


If you are not experienced in Yoga, no problem, you will be fine to attend this class. I invite you to wear your PJ's and slippers, or if that is outside your comfort zone you are welcome to wear Yoga pants.

Book this event as a private group for friends, corporations, bridal groups, or theme of your choosing (women only).

This event sells out every time! I suggest you put yourself on the waitlist RIGHT NOW so that you don't miss out

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